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University Dining Services

Fetch Frequently Asked Questions

To install and configure Fetch, please visit out Fetch Installation Guide.

Fetch is our new mobile ordering app, created through a partnership between University Dining Services and Transact Mobile Ordering. Fetch is a mobile ordering solution for on campus dining. Customers can order food and beverages using their smart phone, or tablet just like some used to do with Tapingo. By doing so, the order is processed and ready for a speedy pick up. The Fetch app is free to download in the mobile App Store, and there are no hidden fees. To set up a Fetch account after downloading the app, simply enter your campus ID and payment information you wish to use.

Fetch creates ease of use for customers because it reduces the time it takes to order and pay for your meals. It is as easy as…

Step 1. Place your order. Your order summary will include an estimated pick up time.

Step 2. The venue will send a notification to your phone when your order is ready for pick up.

Step 3. In the designated pick up area, scan the QR code on your device to receive your order.

Yes, the layout of the Fetch app will appear slightly different, but will still contain all of the same information. 

The app is available in the Fresno State mobile App, in the Apple App Store, or Google Play. Please visit our detailed installation guide.

Depending on your financial institution, a $1.00 pre-auth transaction might appear on your credit card account when you add it as a payment method in the app. The fetch app is verifying that your card is valid. You WILL NOT be charged $1.00 for the pre-auth, and the transaction should drop off your account after a day or two.

Fetch mobile orders are accepted at The Bucket/Me-N-Ed’s, Taco Bell, Toss-N-Chop, Habit Burger, Panda Express, and Subway Express.

At this time, Starbucks is not available through Fetch.

Yes, if you register with your Campus ID your Bulldog card is already linked to the Fetch account. If you used a different method to register the app, you can still add the Bulldog Card as a payment option.

Yes. Fetch follows generally accepted industry standards to protect your personal information.

Yes, tap on the item you want and touch customize.

If you accidentally add an item to your order, you can delete it by clicking “Edit” in the top right corner of the checkout screen.

Each venue will have a specific area designated for Fetch order pick up. Just look for the Fetch pick up signs or ask a Dining Services employee.

All you need is your mobile device or screen shot of your QR receipt code to redeem your order.

Yes, you will need to have the QR receipt code for each order you are picking up. If picking up for a friend, have them text you a screenshot of the QR receipt code.

Fetch is available during established hours of operation for each semester. Refer to the University Dining Services website for more information. Hours of Operation is available here.

Loyalty points are an exciting additional feature in Fetch that we will be utilizing in the near future.

Apply Promo is currently in the design stage of this feature, stay tuned.

In the Fetch App, tap on the 'More' tab in the top left corner and then tap the 'Support' tab. Then tap the envelope (android) or pencil (iPhone) in the top right. The app will open your email program where you can send an email to the Fetch Support team.